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Generals Articles

Fonseka appears before closed military court

THE former Sri Lankan army chief and presidential candidate Sarath Fonseka has appeared before a military court in Colombo charged with participating in politics while in uniform and violating military procurement procedures.

A victory for the generals, another defeat for humanity

The trial of Aung San Suu Kyi shows the need for change in Burma.

It's Not Inflation That's Done Us In After All; It's The Long Build-up In Debt

Central bankers have been like generals fighting the last war.

The Generals V The Weather

DAY BY DAY, Burma's generals are providing more evidence, if any further was needed, that they are not fit to govern. They are also illustrating perfectly the adage developed by the Nobel Prize winner for economics, Amartya Sen, who grew up in places around the Bay of Bengal, including Mandalay, more

Tanks Steamroll Leaders

The AFL's generals see the minefields, yet ignore the danger.